“Something in Human Nature Causes Us to Start Slacking Off at Our Moment of Greatest Accomplishment”

My dear family and friends:

I am so very terribly sorry that I have been seriously slacking on my end when it comes to posting blog updates. 1 month is just ridiculous… This is exactly what I wanted NOT to happen. But, I guess when you’re living in the moment, time sort of slips away from you, and you’ve got to take opportunities when they arise. I’ve been doing exactly that, living in the moment, and enjoying every second of it. I have been super busy with loads of school work and living the dream, and though I wish I had more time to write my experiences, I don’t regret seizing the day one bit. For this long Easter weekend some new friends and I (other American study abroad girls) decided we had to visit Melbourne before we headed back to the states, so we are doing just that. We are spending this entire weekend exploring all that Melbourne, and other parts of Victoria (country region) have to offer. We landed this morning in Melbourne around 7:30 am after a very early morning, and extremely late night. So far I feel like I’ve been up for days, and it’s only roughly 1pm. We have done a little exploring already, and I’ve already fallen in love with this city! Amazing. We have many exciting things planned for this weekend and I can’t wait to share pictures and stories with you all! More incredible details to come later, but I wanted to check in to let my dedicated readers know that I haven’t forgotten about posting! Though I promised for short and sweet posts from now on, I’m afraid that too many exciting events and pictures have accumulated, making it impossible for me to post less than every single detail of my life. I hope you enjoy the next post that is to come! After my trip and a very long 2,500 word essay that’s due next Wednesday (shoot me), I promise to delve into my writing and produce one heck of a study abroad blog post for you all! My mother has informed me that some people have been questioning her about when the next post is going to be, and I assure you, you will get your fix! Be on the lookout for the next chapter of my experience! I have a feeling you’re going to love it! (probably not as much I have loved living it, but it’s the closest you’ll get, and that’s my aim: to help you live vicariously through me ;] ) Thinking of all my loved ones and friends back home often! You push me to live my dreams!

My apologies!
God Bless ❤

-Andi Lynn

(On top of the world, and all smiles ❤ Bondi Beach/Coastal Walk 3.19.13)